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  • Made from locally-sourced bamboo in North East, this marinade is a fermented spicy mix that brings out the true flavours of the far north-east. Use this ready-to-cook mix to serve traditionally delicious delicacies from north-east India and Asia.
  • A must-have in Naga cuisine this authentic marinade is made of locally-sourced bamboo shoot and the pride of northeast – the world-famous King Chili. Perfect for Asian cuisines– Bamboo shoot with King Chili marinade is the entire north-east packed in a jar.
  • The spiciest chilies in the world are infused in mustard oil and essential spices to craft a marinade so hot that even the tiniest bit is enough to fire up your tastebuds. Add it to your chicken, red meat, or mixed vegetables to tenderize or just use it as a sauce to cook up some lip-smacking Asian stir-fries and desi Chinese.
  • No matter how much we experiment with food, nothing can beat the comfort and taste of traditional recipes. Once such recipe being the Bengali Kosha curry. Our Kosha marinade cuts your preparation time in half by providing just the mix to marinate your chicken, meat, fish, and veggies in. Come indulge in the familiar rich taste of the Bengal’s favourite kosha.
  • Surprise your tastebuds to the zing of feisty shorshey – a condiment that is a huge part of every a true-blue bong’s food habits. If you are a fan of mustard, add this marinade to your fish and chicken to prep it up for cooking, even as it soaks up in its delicious awesomeness and serve up a feast fit for royals.